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6 essay writing steps Complete cuidance for all 6 steps!
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sCoolWork is an awesome essay writing app, which helps students to write high grade papers, while saving time.

The secret of success is combination of smart educational methods with a power of technology.

sCoolWork’s simple and proven 6 steps writing method makes your life easier and your grades higher.

sCoolWork is great for school, college and university students, ESL students, parents and homeschoolers, teachers and educators.

A year of sCoolWork is priced at more or less 1 hour of private tutoring, but delivers *way more* value.

Try sCoolWork now for 14-days and see for yourself how it works, or click the link below to read more.
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"My friend told me about sCoolWork app and I tried it also. I was not sure at first because sCoolWork guides me to do essays in a different way than what I’m used to. I did what the app requested and before I knew it I finished my essay. I had great comments from my teacher on the essay."
E.S., a 9th grader from NY, USA
"I'm using sCoolWork to cut down on the time I spend writing essays. I never have any problems writing an essay and I usually get good grades but it takes me a while to complete one. I found out that by using sCoolWork it takes me two hours instead of three and I don’t have to deal with all the formatting and quoting issues. Recommended!"
R.B., 11th grader from NJ, USA
"I never got good grades on essays so I thought I’m stupid and can’t write. Turns out I am not stupid, but I just didn’t know how to write essays how they should be. sCoolWork tells me what to put where so my essays are written as an essay should. Now I can finally get good grades on my essays. I wish sCoolWork was invented 6 years ago things would have been different."
J.E., 12th grader from TX, USA
"I did not think I would get A on an essay because my English is not perfect. Now I know that I can get good grades on essays without being a native speaker who speaks perfect English. I fully recommend it for foreign students like me."
Y.P.C., foreign college student, WA, USA




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New and improved sCoolWork interface.
Good news! We are thrilled to present the new and improved sCoolWork interface. Closer to the spirit of our winning six-steps writing method, the new interface is much more comfortable and straightforward, allowing you to make your work even better and faster than it was before.
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Paper Creation Wizard improvements.
Although the paper creation process at sCoolWork is very simple, we decided to simplify it even more. For this purpose we made some changes to the Paper Creation Wizard.
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